Microvascular endothelial cells

Microvascular endothelial cells


The endothelial cells lining blood vessels of the skin share features of endothelial cells elsewhere in the body, but they also exhibit several skin-specific characteristics.These include wound healing, control of hemostasis, temperature regulation, and the modulation of inflammation.

upcyte® mvECs are isolated from human dermal microvascular vessels.



Our Product: 

Cat#   Description     Cond.
CMV001     upcyte® microvascular endothelial cells (mvECs)-expanded primary cells     2millioncells/vial


We have developed a media for the expansion, culture, and endpoint measurement of the upcyte® cells:

  • Endothelial Cell Culture Medium


For your specific application, please write an email to info@upcyte.com.

If you need any help – be it theoretical or practical – our specialists are happy to help and demonstrate in your lab the handling of upcyte® microvascular endothelial cells


Material safety data sheet: upcyte cells 

Risk assessment for upcte cells