Liver toxicity represents a major cause of adverse effects and drug withdrawal. To efficiently predict the safety profile of a drug candidate, there is a constant need for reliable preclinical test systems. While primary human hepatocytes (pHH) remain the gold standard for prediction of drug responses, restricted availability and rapid loss of the hepatic phenotype limit their use.

Human upcyte hepatocytes are expanded primary cells, derived from single donor primary cells. Compared to immortal cancer cell lines such as HepaRG cells, upcyte hepatocytes show stable phase 1 and phase 2 enzymatic and transporter activity. Lots are available from several donors, and the cells retain the characteristics of those donors.



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Cat#   Description   Cond.
CHE002     upcyte® Hepatocytes - expanded primary cells      5millioncells/vial 
CHE001   upcyte® Hepatocytes for Genotox - expanded primary cells     1millioncells/vial 
CHE004   CYP2D6 competent upcyte® Hepatocytes - expanded primary cells    5millioncells/vial 


For the usage of our upcyte® cells in different applications, we recommend the use of cell-specific media. A protocol for use will be included in each delivery :

  • Hepatocyte/LSECs Thawing Medium
  • Hepatocyte High-Performance Medium
  • Hepatocyte/LSECs Co-Culture Medium



upcyte® hepatocytes are provided in 2 ml cryo-vials with a minimum of 5×106 frozen cells per vial and are ready-to-use. Our cryopreserved upcyte® hepatocytes are at a later state in proliferation terms. Further expansion will lead to the cells expressing senescence genes and the phenotype is lost.

To choose the most suitable donor (LOT#) for your specific application, please write an email to info@upcyte.com.

If you need any help – be it theoretical or practical – our specialists are happy to help and demonstrate in your lab the handling of upcyte® hepatocytes.


Material safety data sheet: upcyte cells 

Protocol for use : upcyte Heparocytes

Risk assessment for upcte cells 




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