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The upcyte® solution - expanded primary cells

The use of primary cells in vitro is compromised by the limited quantity of cells that can be isolated from one donor, a lack of or very restricted proliferation capacity (e.g. hepatocytes) and/or the change from a quiescent to an activated state (e.g. hepatic stellate cells). The use of immortalized cell lines on the other hand, is compromised by their transformed, cancerous phenotype.

Using the upcyte® technology, primary cells are driven into proliferation using a viral gene transfer system, thus allowing controlled and reversible bypass of cell cycle control mechanisms without inducing immortalization, uncontrolled cell growth or changing the typical phenotype.

Therefore, upcyte® cells are available in sufficient quantities with a consistent quality that can be used for research, screening and drug development. We can expand up to 2000+ vials per cell type and donor – data from different studies can now be compared while working with the same donor. upcyte® cells have a distinct advantage over commonly used cells with respect to the virtually unlimited availability of differentiated cells.



*Please note: for us to be successful the primary cells need to be of extremely good quality. The cells need to be very pure and of good overall fitness.

**Please note: "upcyting" is not a standard process and different for every cell type and donor.

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