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Human upcyte® Hepatocytes

upcyte-hepatocytes-pas-stainingThe liver is the main metabolic organ responsible for pathways such as glycolysis, glycogenesis, ureagenesis, as well as amino acid and lipid metabolism. The predominant cells type is the hepatocyte; therefore, cultured human hepatocytes are suited for in vitro metabolism studies. upcyte® Hepatocytes are expanded primary cells, derived from single donor primary cells.

Benefits of upcyte® Hepatocytes at a glance:

  • different donors available
  • batch sizes up to 3000 vials per donor
  • primary cell morphology & polarity
  • proliferating & metabolic competent
  • phase I, II & III activities
  • transfectable
  • long term cultures for up to 4 weeks
  • characterized, standardized, cryopreserved, assay-ready

upcyte® Hepatocytes have been tested at each expansion state for:

  • cell morphology
  • viable recovery (~70% of the original viable cells frozen are recovered after thawing)
  • >90 % plateability
  • markers: CK8+, CK18+; HSA+, AAT+, AFP-
  • capacity for glycogen storage (PAS staining)
  • basal and inducible CYP activities (Phase I)
  • urea secretion (basal and stimulated)

Tested Applications:

  • CYP Induction
  • CYP Inhibition
  • Genotoxicity
  • Cytoxicity
  • HCV infection and virus replication
  • transporter studies

upcyte® Hepatocytes are provided in 2 ml cryo-vials with a minimum of 5x106 frozen cells per vial and are ready-to-use. Our cryopreserved upcyte® Hepatocytes are at a later state in proliferation terms. Further expansion will lead to the cells expressing senescence genes and the phenotype is lost. Please note: If you would like to grow your own stock of cells, we also offer cryopreserved upcyte® Hepatocytes at an earlier expansion stage under a license.

To choose the most suitable donor (LOT#) for your specific application, please write an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Currently we have 6 different donors available (#653-03, #653-2D6, #151-03, #10-03, #422a-03 and #740 for genotox).

If you need any help – be it theoretical or practical - our specialists are happy to help and demonstrate in your lab the handling of upcyte® Hepatocytes.

For each product a protocol for use and a certificate of analysis will be delivered. All cells have been tested for the absence of CMV, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and microbial contaminants (fungi, bacteria and mycoplasma). upcyte® cells are genetically modified cells (GMO, genetically modified organism) classified as risk group 1 and have to be handled in a genetic engineering facility carrying out genetic engineering work at Security Level 1 (e.g. S1 lab). upcyte® Hepatocytes and upcyte® Endothelial Cells are officially classified as risk group 1 organisms by the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) and the Central Committee on Biological Safety (ZKBS). For further information please use the following link and enter “upcyte” in the search boxlink.

Nevertheless, the cells - like all products of human origin - should be handled as potentially infectious. No test procedure can completely guarantee the absence of infectious agents.

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