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Protocol for Use

The following PFUs facilitate application and handling of our products.
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  • PFU No. 4: upcyte® Hepatocyte Cytotoxicitypdf
  • PFU No. 5: upcyte® Hepatocyte Inductionpdf
  • PFU No. 8: upcyte® Hepatocyte Inhibitionpdf
  • PFU No. 10: upcyte® Hepatocyte Genotoxicity (micronuclei assay)pdf
  • PFU No. 12: upcyte® Hepatocyte (IMPORTANT FOR ALL HEPATOCYT USERS)pdf
  • PFU No. 28: Natural Killer Cell Culture Mediumpdf
  • PFU No. 30: upcyte® LSECs and Medium (liver sinusoidal endothelial cells)pdf
  • PFU No. 31: upcyte® mvECs and Medium (microvascular endothelial cells)pdf
  • PFU No. 33: SMC Medium (smooth muscle cells)pdf
  • PFU No. 35: Keratinocyte Mediumpdf
  • PFU No. 36: Airway Epithelial Cell Medium pdf
  • PFU No. 37: SkMC Medium (skeletal muscle cells) pdf
  • PFU No. 68: upcyte® BEpC and Medium (bronchial epithelial cells) pdf


last updated - January 2019

If you have any questions regarding the handling and PFUs, please contact us!

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