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September, 2018

upcyte technologies receives a ZIM-BMWi grant together with the University in Greifswald. We are moving towards the intestine and we will develop an enterocyte cell line. The University in Greifswald is very experienced in isolating and purifying primary enterocytes from human tissue while we contribute with our extensive experience with cell line development. We are very excited about this reserach topic and the future possibilites!

January, 2017

The IFB Bank is sponsoring innovative start-ups with its program "InnoRampUp" in Hamburg. uptec is very proud to receive a grant for a research project which will expand our product portfolio to cells from the immune system. Stay thrilled for more news! Read the German Press Release here pdf


December, 2016

uptec wins the Innovation award at SLAS 2017! We are happy to announce that uptec is one of the winners of this year's Innovation AveNew SLAS awards. Meet us in Washington DC (USA) from February 4-8th at booth #1637 and learn more about the use of upcyte cells in screening.


July, 2016

We are very pleased to announce our recent distribution agreement with INDIGO Biosciences Inc, the recognized industry-leader in Nuclear Receptor research. The upcyte® Hepatocytes will be used as a part of INDIGO’s in vitro toxicology platform. This agreement meets the demand for predictive liver toxicity models, necessary due to the high attrition rate of drugs found to cause liver damage following entry into the market.

For more information on INDIGO’s products or services, please visit Indigo's webpage.


Oct, 2015

upcyte technologies receives a ZIM-BMWi grant together with TU Ilmenau and Heidelberg University. Topic: "Entwicklung eines 3D- Cokulturmodells zur Bestimmung der Lebertoxizität von Wirkstoffen". We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

July 16th, 2015

upcyte technologies is founded!

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