Ixcyte - cell line development
Don't sweat it!

You want rapid access to stable cell pools?

You are not experienced in lentivirus production?

You don‘t have a biosafety S2 laboratory?

How does it work?

We invest all our strength in the development of your cells so you don‘t have to. We use 3rd generation lentiviral particles for stable transgene integration, even into hard-to-transfect cell lines. Polyclonal cell lines can be achieved within weeks. Included in our service is a p24 ELISA allowing risk group 1 classification.

Find some examples here:

What is the difference to our classical upcyte® service?

For the upcyte® service we take primary cells and drive them into proliferation, e.g. hepatocytes, and create expanded primary cells. The ixcyte service starts with an exisiting cell line and stably integrates the construct of your choice.

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