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…. have you ever been concerned that your cell based assay is not relevant enough to provide you with satisfying results?
…. have you ever been forced to reduce the number of data points simply by the limitation of appropriate assay cells?

The possibility to scale up mammalian cells economically and the loss of cell-type specific properties have long been two sides of a coin. A downside which had to be accepted when assay reproducibility and throughput were obligatory needs.
upcyte technologies has managed to split this coin and is providing a solution which combines large scale cell expansion with physiological relevance. By using the proprietary upcyte® protocol non-dividing primary cells are pushed back into proliferation without altering their most relevant tissue-specific characteristics.
upcyte technologies can generate homogenous cell batches of up to 10 billion physiologically relevant cells from cell types which are otherwise limited. upcyte technologies provides assay-ready cells from various upcyted® human healthy or diseased tissues along with optimized medium formulations to make cell-based screening even more relevant and your early ADME-Tox screen more predictive.


Busan (Korea) on June 12-16, 2016

CAAT Training

Rennes (France) on June 23-24, 2016


Seville (Spain) on Sept 4-7, 2016

Latest publication from Boehringer in DMD (open access)

Schaefer et al.,- upcyte human hepatocytes: a potent in vitro model for the prediction of hepatic clearance link

Our upcyte hepatocytes are featured in NATURE BIOTECH

Levy et al.,- Long-term culture and expansion of primary human hepatocytes link

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